Community engagement


Connect. Communicate. Change for good.

We all want good neighbours.

Good neighbours recognise that they’re part of a community. They know that what they do affects others living and working nearby. They want to understand how their actions affect others, and to work together to reach solutions that balance the needs of everyone involved. 

I've managed community engagement for some of New Zealand's biggest companies. I'd love to help your organisation get alongside your community too. Everyone benefits when we do this well.  


Strategy | planning | doing | reviewing


  • Community engagement plans

  • Communications

  • Facilitation

  • Community activities (e.g.  workshops, focus groups, events)

  • Community development (e.g. building partnerships and skills)

  • Issues management

  • Analysis and reporting


Infrastructure projects, operational impacts, community development and support:

  • Auckland Airport

  • KiwiRail

  • Air New Zealand

  • Vector