Connect. Communicate. Change for the better. 

Kia ora!

Welcome to On Message. My name's Kate Thompson.

I believe it's time to change for the better. We need to get serious about building the world we all want to see: one that's fairer, safer and healthier and that balances the needs of our planet and all people, businesses, communities, plants and animals that call it home. 

And I believe in the power of connecting and communicating to bring about this change. (Oh, and a well-managed project!)

What needs to change?

Many things! We need to stop doing some things - and start doing others. We need to build new relationships. Learn new skills and knowledge. Master new technology. And keep changing.

How do we make these changes?

The way we always have - through people. That's why my mission at On Message is to help organisations and individuals connect, communicate and change for the better.

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