Managing change

Image by Chris Lawton

Connect. Communicate. Change for good.

Human beings are remarkably adaptable. We’ve left the cave, adopted the written word, and embraced the internet.

But it’s not always been easy. How much simpler it would have been if we’d known where we were going, been shown what we needed to do, and received tools to help us along the way. And that’s what change management’s about: helping people adapt to change and thrive. 

I've helped some of New Zealand's best-known companies adapt to change. Connecting and communicating is a good place to start.


Strategy | planning | doing | reviewing


  • Change strategy

  • Impact assessments

  • Stakeholder management/involvement

  • Communications, training, documentation, coaching

  • Managing resistance

  • Readiness assessments


Managing change on projects that involved sustainability, mergers, and new technology, infrastructure, processes, organisational structures and brands:

  • Tourism Holdings

  • Auckland Airport

  • Fonterra

  • ANZ/The National Bank

  • The Warehouse Group

  • Auckland University

  • Unitec