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Connect. Communicate. Change for the better.

There's a lot changing in the world right now, and a lot that needs to change. And the best way to manage this change? A well-managed project. Know what you're trying to achieve. Plan (and be flexible). Remember that change is about people. Anticipate the issues. Communicate (communicate, communicate).

I've led and worked on many different types of projects - big and small. New is good!

Types of projects

  • Culture/operating model

  • Marketing/engagement

  • Events and sponsorships​

  • Commercial 

  • Sustainability

You'll find examples below of the many interesting projects I've worked on.


  • Business cases and capex proposals

  • Project planning and management

  • Reporting

  • Facilitated workshops

  • Stakeholder management and engagement

  • Communications

  • Organisational change management 

  • Issues management

  • Contract management

Successful projects

Culture/operating model:

  • Led project to launch Auckland Airport’s new intranet

  • Member of project team that rebranded ANZ/National Bank

  • Led global change communications to set up Fonterra

  • Member of project team that relaunched The Warehouse’s values


  • Led KiwiRail’s award-winning Rail Safety Week 2019 campaign

  • Set up Auckland Airport’s new community engagement programme, including new sponsorships and events

  • Led Competenz thought leadership research projects to build brand

  • Led project to launch Competenz customer insights programme



  • Led project streams for Air New Zealand’s Olympics campaign

  • Led project stream for ANZ’s sale of EFTPOS

  • Led business case for Auckland’s integrated ticketing (Hop card)



  • Led engagement on THL’s Future-Fit global change programme